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Introducing SetOption Binary Options Trading App for Android:

* Very high payouts ranging from 70% to 750% return of investment
* Suited for Investors of All Levels
* Wide range of assets to trade including Forex, commodities, stocks and indices
* Secure and safe trading environment
* Trading tools suitable for every trader level
* A wide range of convenient, secure and reliable deposit methods
* Withdraw funds quickly, simply and easily

SetOption is one of the most professional, global binary options trading platforms in the industry, serving a large number of clients in numerous global regions with a team of experienced financial experts standing by to cater for their every need.

SetOption provides a Mobile Binary Options Trading Platform which allows you to Profit from Financial Markets. Whether you are experienced trader or you have not tried it before you will LOVE it! Up to 85% Return on Investment! Anyone can Trade Binary Options, it’s Easy & Fast – Invest now!

The platform was devised and developed for providing the best and finest online binary options trading interface possible.

SetOption is managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, all of whom are specialized in Forex, marketing, financial options, derivatives, stocks, commodities as well as software research and development.

* Absolutely FREE of charge to SetOption customers!
* Fully function Rich Trading Platform.
* Based on real-time market data
* No Spreads, Commissions or Hidden Fees
* View expired options and your full Trade History.
* Live and dynamic charts of every option available
* Open and close trades with instant execution.
* Universal login for mobile and web-based platforms
* Intuitive touch screen control.
* Deposit funds on the go.
* Available for Android devices.

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